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Commencement MKMMA...We've Only Just Begun

If you've been reading my blog through this journey, you may have noticed a crazy thing I do...I have a song for EVERYTHING! Yes, literally everything! It drives my husband crazy! And this evening, I'm thinking about the song by the momma loved listening to them when I was a little girl. So here we are, at the "end" of the course, but just getting started on fully living and enjoying what's left of the "dash" many years of your favorite season do you have left? Thinking about the longevity of the Scandinavian women in my family, I will likely be pushing 100. My great-grandmother was 99 when she passed, and my lovely Grandma "Corky" just turned 94 and is in great health. She's planning to be around for many more years, and she's as spry as anyone in their 60s! With that in mind, I easily could have over 50 years left to enjoy my favorite season...SUMMER! (Perfect season for a Yellow, right?) In this week'

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