Press Release

The Ellen Show: an exclusive interview with Katee Bolt!
Katee Bolt never thought her life would turn out this way...come to find out,
it was her thoughts that were holding her back...and her thoughts are what would
change everything!
"We are living the life we thought was only achievable in our dreams!
We are still impacting the lives of children but have also been able to
travel and have many amazing experiences. It's mindblowing how liberating
life is when lack mindset is a thing of the past and you can create your life
the way you were intended!"
Last year, Katee went through several difficult challenges, including a personal
major injury and losing a loved one unexpectedly. She used the raw emotions of these
experiences to begin thinking about changes and new challenges she would like to
conquer. She considered looking into victim advocacy and other similar career changes,
but she decided that building her own business and starting a foundation with her
daughter were the best ways she could create change in her community.
Katee was an elementary educator for over 20 years. She loved making a difference
in the life of her students and those around her, but she felt that she was being
limited in the scope of her influence by staying in the classroom. She and her
husband have both retired from teaching and have been key changemakers to help
low-income students and their families who are also victims of poverty, abuse,
and domestic violence. Katee has written several children's books and has become a
renowned speaker on the subject of building better communities for all families.
Katee is working on a plan to reform education options in her area
According to Ellen, "Katee has impacted those who come into contact with her in
ways that are inexplicable. I can't wait to see what exciting things they have in
the works for the future!"


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