Week 14 MKMMA...Mirror, Mirror

I love the movie Cool Runnings and watching it with again with a new perspective was amazing!

Watch this clip!!! It's the best part of the movie...then, look in the mirror and tell me what you see!

"Well, you want to know what I see? I see pride! I see power! I see a bad-ass mother who don't take no crap off of nobody!"

"But it's not about what I see, it's about what you see. Now look in this mirror and tell me again what you see."


  1. The sparks are flying NOW! LOL (what if we repeated THAT quote for 50 minutes?) :))

  2. I watched Mully, a movie I hadn't already seen. Now I'm thinking I'd better re-watch Cool Runnings too! :) Great clip!


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